The Grief Hole Illustrated -- February 2017 Publication

The Grief Hole by Kaaron Warren has now been launched and is receiving great reviews -- Kaaron is a very talented writer and it has been a great opportunity working with her and IFWG publishing.

I have now mostly finished with the illustrations for The Grief Hole Illustrated and I am working on the final layouts for the book. We are aiming to have it published sometime in late November. The book contains sketches, illustrations and notes explaining my working process while illustrating Kaaron's book. It is my first major publication, so I am very excited for November. 

It is also such an honour and source of excitement that Nick Stathopoulos, one of Australia's most celebrated artists will be writing a forward for the book -- Nick has recently won the people's choice award Archibald Prize for his incredible portrait, Deng -- an astounding work of art that you absolutely must see if you haven't already.

Looking forward to November!


*** EDIT ***

Book is now scheduled for publication sometime in early 2017... =)

Kaaron Warren's "The Grief Hole" -- Launch August 27

It has been a fun couple of months working on the cover design and illustrated internals for Kaaron Warren's supernatural horror novel The Grief Hole. The book has now been sent to print and the launch has been scheduled to happen during the Canberra Writer's Festival on August 27th. The event will be hosted at the Australian National Library. Here is the link to the event:

The Grief Hole Launch

I will be illustrating at the event and there will be selected artworks given away. Also, I'll be selling limited edition prints at the National Library Bookstore, so please do drop by and have a look if you are interested in purchasing artwork. My full color, 75 page artist's book of illustrations to accompany the novel will be published later in the year.

It certainly promises to be a great event with a bit of intrigue too - hope to see you there!

I'm Publishing My First Book!

Last month I began working with IFWG Publishing Australia to design the cover and illustrate writer Kaaron Warren's upcoming novel The Grief Hole.  Kaaron's book will launch in Canberra, A.C.T. on August 27th 2016 at the Canberra Writer's Centre during the 2016 Canberra Writer's Festival -- this has been such a thrilling project to work on, with Kaaron's writing talent and the publishing expertise of Gerry Huntman at IFWG -- I can't wait to see the launch of the finished book later this year!

In addition to this, I am currently negotiating with IFWG to publish a separate book of my own illustrations and sketches to accompany The Grief Hole.  I will be putting the book together from illustrations to design work and layout -- making this my first officially published creative work. Adding to the excitement, the book will open with a forward from one of Australia's most celebrated artists, to be announced shortly.

Both books are tentatively scheduled to launch in August at the Writer's Festival, so stay tuned and hope to see you there!

Vesper: Notes from an Interstellar Medium

While I've had to put some of my larger creative projects on hold while studying Psychology full time, I have been working on a small book, which I'm excited to be publishing in August.

Seasonal Crown Cover.jpg

Vesper -- Notes from an Interstellar Medium is a collection of poems, sketches and musings on themes of alchemy, metaphysics and pagansim, in the spirit of good humor. I'll be selling the book at local Canberra alternative bookstores as well as at a few places in Melbourne and Sydney, and as an ebook. I'll get some links up once the work has gone to print.

Cheers Dears!

Student Artwork Group Publication

In light of the number of extraordinarily talented students turning up for classes, I am currently negotiating with the Canberra Institute of Technology whether we might publish a small bi-annual anthology of creative works to be sold locally. If you are a current or former student reading this with an interest for showcasing your art, by all means get in touch!

This would be a great opportunity for aspiring artists to get their work seen in print.

The project is still in the works, so stay posted for now =).